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Jumbo - Todd Young Because I've seen some good reviews. And I've read excellent and horrible reviews for other books by this author (and his several pen names) and now, damnit, I'm curious.



What in the fuckity fuck did I just read?

First off, the age range was too young for me - just 18. And Mitchell acted much, much younger. Made me very uncomfortable the entire time.

But I wanted to continue reading because I thought the premise of the story was intriguing. How would an author handle a relationship with a young man who had an incredibly small penis. Because let's be real folks, not every man is hung like a romance hero.

So I guess my first mistake was thinking there was going to be a romantic relationship. Because there wasn't. Yeah, Mitchell hooked up with Tadd but I wouldn't call it a relationship. I'd call what happened between them downright fucked up. In fact, Tadd scared me. Like stalker, psycho scare me. Like, dude, you need a restraining order immediately scared me. The whole if his "love" for Mitchell was based on his tiny, tiny dick. He's got a serious anger/violence management issue. And he's possessive. Not in the sexy grrrr mine way either.

The family relationships were dysfunctional, with two utterly self absorbed parents and one self absorbed brother who was a plot bunny if I've ever met one. The friendships were dysfunctional. The coach was dysfunctional and actually needed to be arrested and suspended from his job because of his treatment of Mitchell.

In fact at one point I was pretty sure it was going to be revealed that this was just one elaborate dream Mitchell was stuck in. It was that bizarre.

All of the shit dumped on Mitchell could have been used as a catalyst for growth but sadly he's the same character on the last page as he is on the first. Mitchell hates himself, has no self confidence, has poor social skills and absolutely no ambition.

Kudos to those who liked it. Obviously it wasn't my cup of tea. I think I'll avoid this author and his various pen names. Thanks.