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The Lost Year (Secrets of Neverwood) - Libby Drew Rating: 3-stars

Read as part of the Secrets of Neverwood bundle.

I enjoyed the final installment of this three book series though it ended up losing half a star because it felt as though not all the threads were wrapped up and was a bit like a cliff hangar for me, which I HATE! I mean Devon and Nicholas seemed to be headed towards their HEA but there were more questions than answers about the house situation and the future of the foster home. The very end of the book did leave the door wide open for more to be written in the future.

The relationship between Devon and Nicholas was, in my opinion, pretty unlikely but had a strong thread of hurt/comfort running through it. This trope is one of my kryptonites and it was done well here. A good portion of the book is spent on the search for Nicholas' run away son and then on how things play out once he is found. While the two heroes do spend a lot of time together they are not focused wholly on one another and that did take away my enjoyment. Watching Devon grow and open up was actually quite wonderful. He was a tough nut to crack.

Smexy times were good, there was a lot of simmering feeling to go around and we got to see continued relationship building between the brothers.

Overall I liked this book and would recommend it to lovers of hurt/comfort stories who don't mind kids as a major plot device.