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There are a million other things I should be doing with my time...cleaning my house, riding my motorcycle, cooking my family dinner, talking to my Mother on the phone. But I can't. I just....can't. There are too many good books to read.

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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes - Cardeno C. I'll admit it. The first 70 to 100 pages were rough for me. Samuel was an analytical, controlled, highly detached character. Because he was so baffled by simple human interaction he was unable to deal with a hug from his mother I had a very difficult time connecting to him. And seeing as how the entire story is from his POV he was starting to worry I simply wouldn't connect with the story or I'd be so put off by Samuel I wouldn't care about his HEA.

But now? After the whole book?


In what I now understand is true Cardeno fashion our two mates, once they actually connect, are rock solid, sappy, sexy and never waver. And that is something I can truly get behind. Or watch them, either one of them, get from behind. I'm easy that way.


All of Samuel's personality flaws are healed by the mighty wang possessed by Korban. Samuel possesses the drive and direction Korban needs. They are really two halves of one whole.

So when all is said and done I really liked this book. The smex was hot and quite endless once they got down to it. The intrigue part was fairly well done and the supporting characters were nicely crafted. I find this world to be quite interesting and will gladly read another installment.

Because really? Biting?