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Beginning of the End - Zayne Michaels **** WARNING, THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!****

So, the world had promise. Meteors rained all over the earth and killed a bunch of people. Whooo hooo for that, I love shit blowing up and mass causalities. Because that's totally normal.

We get like 20 seconds of the apocalypse happening when Brady is running for his life and his BFF gets killed. No real grief for me because at this point I didn't know Brady and I didn't know his BFF.

21 seconds later it's the next chapter and it's months later and Brady is getting chased by these things...and I'm thinking, Jesus Christmas, zombies? I am so over zombies! But...more on that later.

After an intense scene with Brady we meet Grim (Anthony Grimel) passing out and being attacked by vultures. And he is saved by Brady and there is an immediate connection which leads to sex several hours later. And it was hot. So, there's that.

But I was kinda like, whoa, when the sex happened cause yeah, end of the world and all that but it seemed kinda quick. I mean, are these guys even gay? Or it is a convenience thing? I pondered it for most of the book and came to the conclusion they were gay to start with.

Anyway Brady plans on going to a place where he has heard there is sanctuary and Grim is all, I'm going to protect him and he is mine and I'm so not buying it. They didn't spend enough time together for me to get the connection. But whatever, moving on.

They talk while walking and speculate about what happened, Brady has a panic attack and Grim is all, I'll soothe you and what ever. Some of the discussion revolves around the things that only come out at night and attack you. But they are not zombies cause, I guess they've never been dead though how they know this I'm not sure. They toss about an alien theory which freaks Brady the fuck out but come to the conclusion that it must be an alien virus that is causing some people to be sick. Oh, okay. So not zombies then. Whatever dude, same difference.

So after challenges and attacks and some more hot sex they get to a Marine base nicknamed Purgatory, all tongue in cheek, and both of them have reservations and man all of a sudden their emotions seem amplified and I'm wondering what's in the water. Except they haven't had any water yet. And the whole place is creepy and they need to be interviewed and tested and then trained. And WTF?

Come to find out there is, indeed, a virus which affects people on three different levels. Level one is the "nightcrawlers" which IRL are worms people! Big juicy worms! Level two is what Brady and Grim have. Their basic personality is amplified and lo and behold, Grim is a Dom and Brady is a sub and they need training to learn to control and moderate their urges. Um...okay.

So things go sideways, there is more hot sex and kidnapping and fights and attacks and the end...

I'm left feeling pretty ambivalent and slightly insulted. While never directly addressed I'm left with the impression that D/s tendencies are not normal and need to be supervised. I'm all for training for both Doms and subs, because you are walking some pretty thin lines during scenes sometimes, but in this book it all just feels...off.

The magnification of personality, i.e. extreme aggression and passivity, is an interesting concept. The D/s and vanilla sex scenes are hot, hot, hot for sure. Grim is a growly alpha, of which I am always a fan. Brady is sweet and eager to please, also a fan of this. The supporting characters of Aric and Rhodes are well done and I wish had spent a bit more time on page. The villain was a sick dude but also was sympathetic as well. Well done on that author.

Overall though I'm just meh about the book. I love me some disaster and apocalypse and wish I had seen some more development of that but it is what is is. Don't think I'll be going back for more but this wasn't a waste of time.