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Rescuing Jack - Caitlin Ricci I'm in the minority here with my opinion on this book. In all actuality it was a 1.5 star read for me. I didn't hate it but I didn't quite like it either. It got the two stars more on the possibility rather than on it actually was.

This story had HUGE potential for one of my favorite genre tropes of hurt/comfort however the consistent inconsistencies of the story kinda ruined it for me.

The one thing I could could on was that the characters were going to be inconsistent. One moment Jack couldn't not even speak to Marius and the next he is speaking in sentences. He can't even get close to Marius and then suddenly he's touching. It was inconsistent and not at all believable to me. If this progress had been over the course of MONTHS rather than something like 2 weeks I would have been more open to it.

Marius is also inconsistent. Even once he knows that Jack has been raped he still gets overly physical with him, covering him and pinning him which is inconsistent with the presentation of him as a level, patient man.

I didn't buy the whole story about Marius' female friend (who I assume was Cara) and the way he contributed to that.

While I love hurt/comfort sex I don't like sexual healing. Sex does not heal the kind of emotional wounds that Jack has and it angers me that neither he nor Marius work towards getting him active, concrete help. He needs therapy, in fact mentions that he'll get it, but it's one sentence somewhere in the middle of the book and the...boom...gone.

The entire relationship was rushed and the ending even more so. I didn't believe in a HEA for these two.

But the aching promise of a wonderful book...that kept me going. The fact that I wanted to cuddle and comfort Jack. He was so real to me, in his pain and his fear. And that is why I got so upset with the inconsistencies and the overall rushed feeling of this book.

Then again, this could all just be me.