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Don't Trust the Cut - Kade Boehme So, yeah, I read this book. Now I really had no expectations going into it. It's the first I've read by [a:Kade Boehme|6590573|Kade Boehme|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1370913351p2/6590573.jpg] so I did go in with an open mind. And I'm left...I don't quite know. As of right this minute I don't know how to rate it.

Within the first few chapters I was ready to DNF it because it hit one of my MAJOR no-no buttons in a story - cheating or adultery. Jesse is a Marine who has been discharged from service after an injury to his shoulder. We meet him and his girlfriend at a welcome home party that is for him, a welcome home party that is for the other MC, Tucker, and a birthday party for Nate (who makes a few pop ups in the book).

Jesse (deeply closeted with a "beard" GF) and Tucker (out) lock eyes across the room. Their introduction is in a bathroom and quickly becomes a smoking hot kiss with tonsils touched on both sides. It is obvious from previous disclosure that Jesse is in a committed relationship with Miranda and has been for several years. This kiss is cheating! Plain in simple.

What kept me reading was Tucker - vulnerable, sweet Tucker.

The story mostly focuses on the relationship Jesse and Tucker develop as Tucker starts to admit to himself that he is gay. There is crap to overcome and secrets kept.

Now, I was in love with Tucker for most of the book. He is sweet, gentle, funny, vulnerable and wounded. I understood most of his actions in the book though he did frustrate me at times. Now I was frankly displeased at the way the revelation of the secret played out - mostly because of Tucker's reaction. I felt it was over the top. The reason I felt that is because most of the book is really focused on Jesse's angst. Tucker's reaction kind of blindsided me. If the author had spent some more time developing understanding of Tucker's mental illness I think it wouldn't have been such a slap in the face.

After that I fell totally and completely in love with Jesse as he kept loving Tucker in the face of being ignored and rejected.

Another wonderful part of the book were the secondary characters of Allison, Tucker's best friend, and Mike, Tucker's co-worker. They were really well developed.

Jesse and Tucker do get their HEA and it is made well known that it was not easy to get there. Overall though I just liked the book - I didn't love it. Can't quite put my finger on the way though. It had all the things I loved - coming out, angst, hurt/comfort, military man, sassy BFF and a good story line. For me there just were not any catch my breath moments.