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Sam's Reviews - Jan  Irving So I had fairly high hopes for this book and while I wasn't exactly disappointed I wasn't thrilled either. :( First, I can't see how in the hell the title relates to the story. And that always kinds of bugs me!

So Sam is wheelchair bound Marine who was injured in Afghanistan and Trevor a.k.a. Tall is an architect in charge of a building going up in
Sam's neighborhood. There is angst about changes being made to the neighborhood, Sam as issues and feels less a man because of his chair and Tall..well, he doesn't have any problems at all.

I've been thinking since last night about how to actually describe the feeling of this book and I that I can come up with is...floaty. Yeah, I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense but that is how I felt while reading it. It was almost as though we floated from one scene to the next and I felt like it was all a big dream. It didn't help that Sam spent a good portion of the beginning of the book seeing things from the POV of the perfect Navy SEAL hero of the current romance book he was working on. I think that gave it a disjointed feeling as well.

It also tries to throw in some D/s play. This could have been a wonderful story line and source of tension between the characters however it really fell flat for me. It felt like a missed opportunity - a wheelchair bound Dom trying to find his way back into his sexual role without his full physical capabilities. So sad that didn't work out the way I had hoped.

Tall was...he was...well, freeking perfect! I couldn't detect any flaws in his character which makes for a pretty boring guy actually.

The relationship between Sam and Tall had like...nearly zero conflict. Boring in a book. Especially for someone who loves character driven stories. This was more about the mystery, the kid, the community.

There were quite a few supporting characters from Sam's building, a mystery to solve, a child to take care of. It could have been excellent but simply missed the mark.

That being said I did finish and it was okay. I don't think I'd recommend to my reading friends though. Not unless you have some time to fill and don't mind not being blown away.