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Sweet Young Thang

Sweet Young Thang - Anne Tenino One thing I really love about this author is the sense of humor she brings to each of her books. There are many LOL and snicker moments. Any time we have the whole frat together, especially if Danny is talking about "sensitivity training" I nearly wet my pants.

Collin and Eric's relationship, while it developed very quickly, was natural and authentic. Sometimes you really do just know. It certainly didn't hurt that it was also a May/December relationship.

It was nice to peek in at Sebastian and Brad and Paul and Trevor. We saw Seb's old roommate Toby again and we met a new guy - Tank's brother Jock. Another romance? Between them? With someone else? I don't really want to leave the TAG guys yet, you know?

The mystery was okay and the main reason this book lost a star. Not because it was done poorly but because I really prefer books that focus on the relationship and the challenges intrinsic to them.

People might get annoyed at the sheer volume of pet names that Eric has for Collin. Mostly "Sweetness" and "Sweet Thing". Sometimes "Sweet Thang". The one I didn't mind I'd when Collin was referred to as "my boy". That cold be my BDSM love showing though!

In the end this is an excellent addition to the TAG universe. Hope we get to go back soon.