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There are a million other things I should be doing with my time...cleaning my house, riding my motorcycle, cooking my family dinner, talking to my Mother on the phone. But I can't. I just....can't. There are too many good books to read.

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Racing for the Sun

Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane Amy Lane is a master at her craft and an amazing asset to the M/M genre. Her books never fail to move me. This was no exception.

The four stars is for the amazing quality of the writing, the visceral reaction I had to nearly every sentence in the book. I had to drop a star because these were broken anti-heroes and there was very little softness or romance in this book. And I missed it.

There was love, deep and desperate. Commitment, solid but unhealthy. And the ending didn't seem like a HEA to me. More like a HFN.

So this book was excellent but I didn't love it. Not because it wasn't awesome but because I need a little more sweetness and tenderness in my romance. I need more resolution in my ending.