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Brute - Kim Fielding Reread on 7/31/14 - Stupid 2013 me didn't write a review. Geeze.

Review 8/1/14

“Don’t you d-dare say you’re ugly or stupid or w-worthless. Don’t you dare! Y-you’re a giant because an ordinary man’s body is t-too small for what you are.”

I'm not entirely sure why I didn't write a review in 2013 but I suspect it has to do with the fact that I am not quite sure I have the words to do this beautiful story justice.

I'd place it in the fantasy category, with a sort of fairy tale sort of feel.

Brute is a physically huge man who, because of his appearance only, scares people. Yet at the same time he is bullied because he is a gentle giant. Brute's heart is tremendous and he honestly only seeks to serve with very little thought for himself. He is a laborer in a small village, constantly taking advantage of and treated poorly.

He is injured while saving the Prince, who then offers him a position as a reward. So Brute moves to the capital city and becomes, in essence, a jailer.

His prisoner is considered a traitor to the crown and a witch. Brute is to report immediately anything he says after he dreams.

What follows is really an amazing love story between two very unlikely heroes.

Really, I just don't have the right words to describe why I loved this so damn much.

The romance is sweet, so very sweet. And slow. These two men get to know each other and Brute's very nature is that of a caretaker and protector. Gray, the prisoner, is totally dependent on Brute yet at the same time he strengthens Brute and makes him a better man.

I loved the relationships that Brute developed within the palace, I love that he worked hard at bettering himself and I love that he fell in love with Gray.

I think, overall, it was the way these men sacrificed for each other that really made my breath catch. Both of them were willing to give up everything for the other. That depth of selfless love is rare and it's actually not portrayed very often in most romances. It was beautiful to watch.

“I may be a blind fool who’s never done anything worthwhile, but can’t you at least understand that I’d risk anything to save you? You’re all I fucking want!"

This review sucks at actually saying anything important but just know that I loved this story, loved these men and will read it again and again.

Highly, highly recommended!

“What you did for me… even in the very beginning, when I was filthy and couldn’t speak and was probably scaring the hell out of you with those damned dreams… you were reminding me in all these tiny ways that I was human. You talked to me and gave me a quilt and….” He made a choked sound deep in his throat and ducked his head. But when he raised it a moment later he was smiling. He leaned his weight against Brute and sighed. “Mine.”