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I'll Be Your Man - Clancy Nacht, Thursday Euclid Re-read and re-review 4/26/14

I averaged the prior star rating and the current star rating to get 3-stars.

Holy shit. Did I even read the same book this time as I did a year ago? I can't believe I gave it 5-stars. Today this was totally a 2-star read for me. Way too insta-love, over the top annoying secondary characters and holy shit these guys were unattractively needy. Also, loving May/December romances aside I think 25 years is a bit too much.

Kyle, the 25-year old son is a selfish, spoiled, Narcissistic bastard! Catherine the ex-wife is also selfish and manipulating. Bruce, dad number two, selfish, shallow, manipulator. Madison, BFF, selfish, arrogant and presumptuous. And none of them redeemed themselves in the book. And at the very least Kyle should have.

Richard is an emotional doormat yet the authors try to portray him as this strong protector. Um. Bi-polar much? Paul is supposed to be this mature grad student who had been shit on his entire life yet jumps feet first into a relationship with someone twice his age and then bleeds neediness all over Richard.

Now, I still liked the fact that Richard and Paul go directly to each other when they have doubts or problems. Outside of the shudderingly nauseating amount of neediness they are building a mature relationship. Their smex was also hot! I loved that the big, older protective character was a bottom!

But God. They emoted the shit out of things. And so much of it was during the sex that I didn't buy it. Dude, you never buy the I love you that you first hear during sex. It was just too much weeping and gnashing of teeth. It exhausted me and not in the good way that an [a:Amy Lane|151973|Amy Lane|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1362545027p2/151973.jpg] book can. God, she's exhausting too. But a happy, we climbed a mountain, way.

In the end, this go around, I didn't hate it. I simply thought it was okay. It had potential but it was mostly unrealized. And now I just need some dirty, smutty, rollicking good times. And wine. I need a lot of wine.

Original Review

So this cover totally turned me off. I really can't stand cartoonish covers. But I took a leap of faith because I love a May/December romance. And you know what? This was sooooooo good you guys!

Richard is a 50 year old divorced man who is not only alone but lonely. Ten years after divorcing from his wife he is still holding out hope that she will come back. His 25 year old son Kyle is in graduate school and a selfish, inconsiderate dog.

Paul is Richard's son's best friend and roommate. Kyle brings Paul along to dinner with his dad, a dinner where he knows he is going to get yelled at for something. As Paul and Richard interact a very strong connection is made between them.

This story is all about Richard and Paul, their interactions, the growth of their relationship while they fight against old hurts, fears, and toxic people in their lives. It's really beautiful to watch as both heroes are mature and committed to making the relationship work AND even though insecurities raise their head or are pushed to the surface by others both Richard and Paul take these worries to each other, getting things cleared up at the source rather than spending chapters angsting and bitching to friends.

While there are supporting characters in this book they are mostly in the background. This really is all about the development of the relationship between two amazing men who were absolutely meant to be together.

My only quibble is that the I love you came a little too soon for my taste.

Highly recommend if you are the mood for a sweetly romantic read