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Know Not Why

Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson Hmmm. This was a really good book. Like laugh out loud funny good. And it was angsty too. The supporting characters were great. But... I wouldn't call it a romance. And that made me sad.

Told entirely in the 1st person POV by Howie, a 22 year old slacker that lives with his widowed Mom, this book is more a journey of self discovery than anything else.

Taking a job at an arts and crafts store, to get laid, Howie ends up in this strange relationship with store owner Arthur. Who happens to be gay.

You'd think that Arthur would have more of a part in the entire book, since its because of a kiss from him that Howie acknowledges he is gay, but no. Arthur is just another supporting character. And the weakest one at that.

And that made me sad too. I wanted a romance. I didn't get it. I want hot sex. I didn't get it. So, more sad haz I.

Yet, even though I haz much sad over this book it was well written. It was freeking funny as hell without resorting to juvenile humor. Most of the characters were very well developed and I LOVED the relationship between Howie and his Mother, between Howie and his BFFs Amber and Mitch, between Howie and his co-workers and even Howie and his brother and girlfriend. What I didn't believe was the relationship between Howie and Arthur. *sad face*

So if you are looking for a delightfully funny and well written coming out story I can highly recommend this book. If you are looking for a sexy, steamy M/M romance? Keep on walking, nothing to see here.