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If Only

If Only - Cherise Sinclair So, pretty damn good. This one didn't tug at me as much as Sinclair's past books in this series have.

I think my main problem was with the men not being romantically involved with each other. Ménages set up with a male-female-male dynamic simply don't make my heart sing. What was good is that as the book progressed Galen and Vance admitted the depth of their brotherly love for one another. I like it. But again, wrong dynamic for me when it comes to ménage.

Was good to see the Harvest Association storyline wrapped up. Also great to see all the other D/s couples previously featured - even if only for a little bit.

I continue to be a fan of Cherise Sinclair. I gladly recommend this book to my BDSM buddies. This is a part of a series and should be read in order though.