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Bad Boyfriend

Bad Boyfriend - K.A. Mitchell Re-read 2/22/14-2/22/14

The Daddy kink was a little hard for me to take but thankfully the story is not full of it. Really enjoyed this and am now headed off to buy the whole K.A. Mitchell back list. My credit card just cried a little...

Review update: 2/23/14

Still not a fan of the Daddy kink but again, it's not a huge part of the story. Also liked the exploration of the spanking kink. That's always hot.

I was frustrated with and sympathetic to Quinn. He really got sh*t on. Peter was a complete and total a$$. Can't say as I like all of Peter's family. I mean, they totally kept pulling Quinn back into the family when really, they shouldn't have. Yes, lots of history but in the world of divorce and break ups, sometimes it's simply not reasonable to continue to be involved in the ex in-law's lives.

It was a pretty big plot point though so I totally understood it.

I actually enjoyed both Quinn and Eli's honesty and their honest misunderstandings.

Very well crafted story, which reinforced my love for K.A. Mitchell.