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There are a million other things I should be doing with my time...cleaning my house, riding my motorcycle, cooking my family dinner, talking to my Mother on the phone. But I can't. I just....can't. There are too many good books to read.

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Believe - Lauren Dane This is what a Dominant/submissive relationship should be like. Dominance over another person is selfless, the desire to please another person. Submission is the choice to give control (in a large of small degree) to another person, trusting them enough to believe they only wish to please and treasure you.

I'm not a BDSM expert by any means however I think this is why that 50 Shades thing has so many people upset. While I've not read the books it seems, in the reviews I've seen, that the selflessness and need to please and take care of the submissive is missing.

Power exchange, in and out of the bedroom, require trust and generosity. In my opinion anyway!

As for this little novella - very hot, sexy read that showed the depth of love and passion between a man and a woman given another chance.