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There are a million other things I should be doing with my time...cleaning my house, riding my motorcycle, cooking my family dinner, talking to my Mother on the phone. But I can't. I just....can't. There are too many good books to read.

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The Theory of Attraction

The Theory of Attraction - Delphine Dryden I was really pleased with this book. I *heart* me a good nerd, throw in some BDSM and you've got a winner for me!

Ivan was amazingly socially inept. Brilliant in his work field but totally lost almost anywhere outside of that. Cami is a computer programmer in a housing complex of nerds. The only single woman and a caretaker of sorts for all of them. She's developed a serious case of lust for her neighbor Ivan and when he asks her to help him learn to socialize she takes him up on it. What ensues is a decidedly unique courtship.

I loved Cami, she was so spunky, open, adventurous and just like someone I'd be friends with. As a fan of The Big Bang Theory I also fell in love with Ivan, a sexier version of Sheldon Cooper, PhD. *grin*

The bedroom scenes are intense and passionate. I love the variant of "Sir" used in the bedroom as well.

It has a wonderful happily ever after where the hero and heroine don't change - they accept each other for exactly who they are.