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Where The Heart Lies - Michelle Garren Flye While I have no problem with romances involving widows, for me this entire book happened too soon after the loss of Alicia's husband Ty. As a character I enjoyed Alicia however I didn't want to be with her on her journey through her grief.

On the other hand I loved the hero Liam. He was fantastic, patient, supportive, understanding and caring. In fact he was the only character I really had any sympathy for. I rooted for his HEA and I'm glad he got it but sadly it wasn't enough to get me through the rest of the book.

Let's start with the small town of Hillsborough, NC. Now I love romances that feature close knit communities and small towns but this particular town didn't have anything I wanted to be involved in. While the author tried to make it a supportive community most of the people she gave page time to were anything but nice.

Penny - the BFF. Has to have been the worst BFF in the history of fiction. She didn't spend any time building Alicia up and all of her time ripping Liam down. Every time she got her say in the book I cringed and wanted to throw my Nook against the wall.

Sharon, I think her name was, was the main 'competition' for Liam and man was she a witch. Leader of the gossip mongers, self centered and angry. Ugh!

There were various pop ups of people who knew Ty and painted him as a wonderful young man, a true hero. While I don't disagree he was a hero Alicia's reaction to their memories and comments was not at all positive.

I think the only other character I really liked was Lulu - a single mom who was more of a friend to Alicia than Penny could ever hope to be.

I don't know. The whole tone of this book just didn't work for me. The writing was good, the characters were well fleshed out but the story just wasn't my cup of tea.