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After the Crux - Dani Worth Re-read1/24/14. Still awesome!

This is my first Dani Worth read and I will be going back for more of the Crux Survivors.

After the Crux is set seventeen years after a deadly virus swept through America leaving survivors to eek out an existence while being confronted by deadly raiders, lack of provisions and electricity.

This is a novella that I wish was a full length book. The world is intriguing and the brevity of this book left me with more questions than answers. The characters are well fleshed out and the relationships really resonated with me.

I make no secret that I am a huge fan of post-apocalyptic romance. Sadly it's kinda hard to find a good one. Lots of them involve zombies, of which I am not a fan, other worlds and/or steampunk type stuff.

I'm also a fan of menage when a few criteria are met - no blood relations in the same bed. Brothers as part of a menage give me the willies. Ick! Also there needs to be male/male action. Alone with each other and with the female of the group.

Dani Worth delivered and made me very happy! Thank you!

Ross rescued Jenna and Dorian when he was fourteen and they were nine. It appears they survived together before finding a perfect home in New Mexico which they slowly built up by adding other survivors. While the perfection of the home rang really false to me it wasn't so much that I was pulled out of the story. The idea of creating a family of survivors that lived together, worked together and relied on each other is very appealing to me.

This story focuses on how Ross moves from protector to lover for Jenna and Dorian. Keeping his attraction to Jenna secret and confused over his attraction to Dorian, on every supply run Ross looks for a female survivor that he can grow to love and call his own. Yet Jenna and Dorian have noticed the longing, lonely looks Ross thinks he is hiding and are determined to bring him into their relationship.

Because of the shortness of the story I think Ross moves from protector to lover way to fast. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the fall though. :) Jenna and Dorian are focused and determined and I enjoyed that as well. The sex between the three was sweet and hot at the same time. In my opinion the relationship ended with a HFN rather than a HEA. For those interested it was a M/M/F relationship with some brief M/M interaction as well.

There were several secondary characters introduced that I wanted to know more about. There are relationships there that need to be explored. So I was kind of disappointed to see that the next installment in this series will be about two new characters with appearances from Ross, Jenna and Dorian. *sigh* Hopefully we'll get glimpses into how everyone else is doing as well.

Again, I enjoyed this book overall. Wish it had been longer and am looking forward to the next Crux Survivors book. Hopefully it will be longer.