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Heavy Issues

Heavy Issues - Elle Aycart I've been anxiously awaiting this book since I finished More Than Meets the Ink, the Bowen brothers are hot, hot shit! Elle Aycart did NOT disappoint!

This book is, indeed, about heavy issues. I had no clue that title was a double entendre but boy, did I get blown out of the water. In a completely good way.

Christy is from LA and she's run to Alden to recover from a very messy break up with the help of her best friend. While there she gets a part time job helping to organize the library which happens to be under construction at the time. This is how she meets Cole Bowen, who won't give her the time of day and is wayyyyy to sexy for her.

Cole lives in Alden, running what seems to be a construction/demolition business. He won't give Christy the time of day because she is his fantasy come true and he knows she just had a bad break up. Cole does NOT do complications or commitment. Good, hard, hot sex is what he's after. And holy shit does he do it well. *fans self*

Christy and Cole go into their 'relationship' with their eyes wide open - at least regarding what they both think they want. Hot, hot, HOT sex ensues. Lots of hot sex. Alpha males are so yummy and Cole is Alpha with a capital A. Extreme control in the bedroom. Protective and possessive outside of it. Both of them see the relationship moving out of the let's have sex and pretend to date thing and into actually enjoying each other's company outside of the bedroom.

Knowing Cole doesn't want a real relationship Christy cuts him off. Not from her bed but from the rest of her life. For the life of him Cole can't figure out what's up with that and why he is reacting the way he is.

It's within the confines of their relationship that we see the heavy issues addressed. And Ms. Aycart does a masterful job. I cried for both of them and the very real, valid hurts they had received. I totally understood why each of them acted and reacted the way they did. The mirror scene after the big bitch butt-head was horrible to Christy was heart-wrenching. Cole coming to his senses and going after his woman was wonderfully done.

It was nice to get a peek at James and Tate, nice to see some of the supporting cast from More Than Meets the Ink making visits as well. This really was a great book. Very steamy, lots of sex, tons of relationships and a wonderful HEA!