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Aidan and Ethan - Cameron Dane Rereading 5/17/14

Never wrote a review the first time I read this, so this is the first written review.

When I first read this I gave it 4-stars and I felt the same this way around. Cameron Dane has a way of writing that sucks me into her stories and her characters. She is one of the authors that I gladly reread because it's just that damn good.

This is an emotional story about second chances and redemption. Ethan and Aidan declared their love as teens who had just graduated from college and the next day Aidan vanishes with no explanation and no word. Thirteen years later he comes back and wants to claim Ethan.

I liked the fact that Ethan did not just fall into Aidan's arms, even after the explanations were given. He made Aidan work for that second chance. I also appreciated the fact that Aidan didn't get mad at Ethan for his reactions. He understood that he was a shit, that he hurt his best friend and love of his life and he was willing to work at making things right.

Both these guys were firefighters - bonus points for hotness. The relationship between Aidan and his siblings and Ethan and his brother also added to my overall enjoyment.

The story lost a star because once they got together Ethan was immediately all in. I would have expected a bit more hesitance and some careful feeling of their way through a new relationship. Overall though, I was happy. Most of the sex was the angry, desperate kind and I would have liked to have seen some tenderness and lovemaking but that's the romantic in me.

So I do recommend this for lovers of M/M second chance stories, men in uniforms and emotional redemption stories.

Cameron Dane, thank you for another satisfying read.