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Just Right - Erin Nicholas I really like work place romances but this is oh so much more.  Both wounded Jessica and Ben dance around their feelings.  They have solid reasons for their reservations (being co-workers is only one)  and it's simply wonderful to watch these two strong willed, intelligent, passionate people learn about themselves and how to love each other. Erin Nicholas is not afraid to show the flaws in either of her characters and not only is it refreshing it makes them so much more real.  You don't get the kind of info dump on their backgrounds that I've seen in way too many novels, she is excellent at the 'show, don't tell rule' of writing.  No two dimensional cookie cutters here.  Truly fleshed out people who happen to have pretty damn excellent sex!  And there not one thing wrong with that!  The sex scenes are passionate, flow with the story and are not at all cliched.  In a word HOT!

It had been awhile since I had read any romances outside of the Nora Roberts template of books.  You know what I mean?  Nora writes a good book but, well, they are all mostly the same plot with new names.  In Just Right Erin Nicholas made sure that Jess and Ben didn't fall predictably into their HEA and I loved every second of it.

It's also a delightful introduction to a whole cast of characters who are as richly and fully developed as the hero and heroine. Two Bradford siblings and a drool worthy ambulance crew of Paramedics.  Yeah, medical romances are hot too.  :)  Thankfully there are two more books in the Bradford series.  I've already devoured them and reviews are soon to follow.

Thank you Ms. Nicholas.  Thank you for crafting such a wonderful romance it took me far, far away from my every day life but still kept my feet on the ground.  Bravo and well done!