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Shiny! - Amy Lane 3.5 bright, shiny stars!

What an un Amy Lane book and I really enjoyed it. It was just what I needed to bring me up after my latest heartbreak.

Not quite a GFY - didn't have the kind of angst that I would picture in that sort of story. More about a man coming to realize he is gay by being exposed to, and attracted to, another gay man.

Meeting on what was for both of them a horrible day - Will and Kenny develop a very close friendship that was wonderful to behold. I think that, sadly, there is not enough focus on male friendships. That dynamic is important, men need it as much as women do.

And because of that friendship developing this because more of a friends-to-lovers sort of thing that was simply very, very sweet.

Story lost stars because of the way the narrative switched from present to past and how the flashbacks were most of the story. Not my favorite way to read a book, however it was very well done.

As always Amy Lane has crafted honest, strong characters that leap off the page and right into your heart. I easily connected with both Will and Kenny and loved how Will become more attractive to Kenny the more Will exposed his heart. An average looking man, with a heart of pure gold, he was wonderful.

Kenny was a great butterfly, flitting from person to person, not finding the right fit. Pretty sure he was disposable and easy to move on from. It took Will some work to prove he was in Kenny's life to stay.

Again, very light and low angst read with some very sweet and hot smex.